Committee Members serve as volunteers, and pay for their own memberships in the GRA. Specific roles available for the coming year, and nominees for each role, are voted in by all members at the Annual General Meeting.

2024 Committee

Tatum Kenna

Sydney, Australia

Graphic Recorder and Illustrator. Passionate in helping communicate ideas creatively, enabling enduring and impactful engagements with content.

Matthew Magain

Melbourne, Australia

Founder of Sketch Group, Graphic Gear, and the VizConf conference series. Likes buying LEGO® online and pretending it’s for his kids.

Debbie Wood

Secretary / VEEP
Melbourne, Australia

Graphic Recorder & Illustrator
Helping speakers, facilitators & groups tell their stories with beautiful visuals.

Cat Drysdale

Committee Member
Melbourne, Australia

Pauline Murphy

Committee Member
Perth, Australia

Lisa Richardson

Committee Member
Wellington, New Zealand

Mirranda Burton

Committee Member
Melbourne, Australia

Larissa Day

Committee Member
Wellington, New Zealand

Past Committee Members:

  • Jessamy Gee (2019-2022)
  • Sarah Firth (2019-20)
  • Alice Edy (2019-20)
  • Zahra Zainal (2019-21)
  • Marc Hundleby (2019-21)
  • Will Bessen (2019-21)
  • Steve Keast (2021)