VizConf 2023 Returns To Melbourne

VizConf 2023 is back! After a pandemic-induced hiatus, VizConf, Australia’s largest coming together of visual thinkers and doers, is returning to Melbourne on October 14, 2023, brought to you by Graphic Recorders (more…)

Welcome NZ Neighbours!

You might have seen some changes over the last few months in our FB page or even on our website… A few sheepish posts here and there? In big news, (more…)

Lunch & Learn: Scribe Videos

In this week’s Lunch and Learn, we deep-dived into the Scribe Video process, tools, workflow tricks and learnt how to streamline production for video producers. Packed full with seasoned Graphic Recorders, their lessons learnt and time wormholes to avoid, this session had so many juicy hacks to help nail your next animation project.

How to find a mentor

Mentorships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Formal, informal, ongoing, one-off… There is no one way to do mentorship, but there are a few general tips we can (more…)