Graphic Recording Bio
Following a background in signwriting and selling the occasional cartoon, Steve discovered graphic recording 12 years ago and hasn't looked back since! He has been lucky enough to have had the work take him around the world, working within a broad range of industries and organisations, from Government to Corporate to Not For Profits. His experience in the field eventually lead him to a fulltime role within the third largest accounting firm in the world, KPMG (if only his high school teachers could see him now!!), where he co-created the artistic capability The KPMG Articulators.
His humour and sense of fun comes out in his work, whether it is live scribing, rich picture illustrations, or video animations, and this confirms his belief that he has the best job in the world.
Client Testimonials
"We forget how impactful the work Steve and others do is, for our clients who are not as used to it as we are. Steve’s work is just incredible and he helped our clients get their heads around complex scenarios.

Steve is professional and brilliant and just so laid back and charming to work with. Everyone loves him.

But it was his unfailing unflappability and flexibility which really blew me away this time. We can’t thank him enough and I think he was the winning edge for us.

Steve’s a gem – thank you to all of you for whatever part you play in keeping him in our firm!" -Sally, KPMG Partner

"Steve's talent and speed of delivery is astounding. I had several client contacts speak to me during and after the event commenting on the value that this added to the experience. I particularly liked how he were able to support the teams with their vision, bringing it to life when they were unable to deliver a functional prototype.

You can be assured that this was a job WELL DONE." -Paul, Associate Director KPMG

"Steve has a terrific “can do” attitude and always comes good with compelling visuals.
In support of a large scale presentation, he turned around a highly engaging slide for me in the last few days – would be great to clone him!" -Nick, Director KPMG

Years of Experience
> 10 Years
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