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Graphic Recording Bio
I draw on walls during conferences, workshops, strategy sessions, & forums – creating a visual map of what happens in a room.

I use my artistry and awesome listening skills to synthesise the discussion and develop ideas pictorially. Having a visual reference to look at gives a team something to inspire their thinking, get that right side of the brain working… so participants are truly giving their all.

I have 20 years’ experience working with both large and small organisations to visually convey their messages and purpose. I've worked across industry including government, disability sector, not for profit, corporate, elite sport, leadership coaching, legal, finance and engineering.

I have a passion for great communication, and find that one of the best ways to make that happen is through what we see. Debbie has worked in the design & communication arena for 20 years, and in the world of visual facilitation over the past 10.
Client Testimonials
I’ve been working with Deb for over 10 years, using her design and graphic recording skills to inspire teams; to bring workshops to life; to make sense of the madness; and, to make me look good!

We’ve worked in a variety of settings from large (100+ attendees) Human Centered Design based workshops, to small strategic planning meetings and everything in between. The topics covered have been complex, predominantly looking at government reform and transformation of the Social Services sector.

Deb’s ability to visually capture the intricacies, connections and interdependencies of topics being presented is phenomenal. Likewise, her skills in synthesising outputs from a multitude of conversations to present a summary of key points is equally remarkable. Her work ALWAYS impresses!

Deb’s straight-talking, relaxed and fun approach makes her a cracker to work with and I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to add another level of value, sophistication and fun to their workshop.

Amy Whelan
Mesh Communications

Debbie was able to effectively capture and consolidate our learnings and key themes in an engaging medium that provides lasting collateral that we can re-use to remember and take action from the event. 

Debbie was really friendly and approachable, and readily spoke with our staff during breaks to answer their questions. Her sketches are great, and captured all our key themes very effectively. She was a great addition to the day and really added value to the event. 

Kate Clouston
Vanguard Investments
Event date: 26/3/2019

I can highly recommend the graphic recording services of Debbie. She was fab to work with and the output has been a great tool for the team to actively remember and refer to what we covered in the workshop. Debbie was super easy to work with, and did a fab job of visually capturing our session. We have had many comments and enquiries from the team and others about the posters.

Kim McManamon
Event date: 6/9/2018
Years of Experience
5 - 7 Years
Services Provided