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As a globally recognised Graphic Recorder, Ray draws on 18 years of knowledge, experience and insight gained from working across 17 countries, dozens of industries and hundreds of events. Having founded smallmountains Ltd in London in 2001 he has listened, synthesised and captured meetings, workshops and conversations from Davos to Miami, Tokyo to Mumbai and rather a lot of places in between. His breadth of client experience ranges across Government (local, national, international), Corporates, Community, Sports, Sustainability and Education and has worked with World Leaders and Royal Families.

With a focus on story, Ray strives to create a live bespoke artwork from every session, culminating in a rich illustration encapsulating the essence of your event... with a little sprinkling of wit. These artworks are often printed on canvas or framed on the walls of head offices as has been the case with BP London, University of Melbourne and AFL House amongst others.

Listening to your workshop as one of the few non-subject matter experts in the room, Ray is in a privileged position to be able to hear your content for what it is, rather than through any personal bias or filter (although he says this may not be possible if scribing for Mr Trump).

Along side live Graphic Recording, Ray has worked extensively with clients from around the world to transform complex and often confusing content into digestible yet highly detailed Rich Pictures and Infographics, either as stand alone communication pieces or to augment written documentation.

When not Graphic Recording live in front of an audience or turning many many pages of dry text into engaging visuals, Ray spends time illustrating people’s life journeys. A little bit like the red book in “this is your life”, but in pictures. What do you get someone for a 50th (or any age of your choosing)... a visual story of their life.

He also spent many years on expeditions to places no one goes just to try and get to the top of things or simply to be the first person to go there. Along the way he occasionally fell off those things, was chased by large carnivores or people with knives, got shot at from time to time, broke some bones, needed the odd suture here and there (often doing the stitching himself), discovered some stuff, rescued some people, got rescued himself, was married by Elvis, became friends with some Hollywood folk, fell in a crevasse once or twice and broke his nose in a bank.

His most important achievement is being a DAD... which at the end of the day is the job that really matters the most.
Client Testimonials
Ray Eckerman makes an extraordinary contribution to the world of work and beyond. 

His capacity to visually translate complex ideas into the elegantly simple is one of Ray’s unique gifts.

Rays ability to visually represent holistically an event, meeting or workshop is simply spellbinding. He visually communicates moments, concepts thoughts and narratives into brilliant graphical masterpieces that ensure insights, feelings, and critical information is taken beyond the day into powerful valuable conversations to maximize follow up and follow through. 

Our work across the world, throughout many businesses and communities is magnified in its impact due to Rays contribution. 
Simply put: He is brilliant. A visual wizard.

—-Colin Pidd: Global Consultant, Conversant, Regional Co-Founder, Managing Director Asia Pacific. 

Ray has an amazing ability to capture complex conversations in the form of beautiful pictures which help people understand the essence of the issue. He has worked with us over a number of years and brought creative energy to our work. I highly recommend this approach and Ray himself.

—-Julia Davison: Chief Executive Officer, Goodstart Early Learning

Ray has a gift for capturing the critical moments in beautiful visual stories. I’ve worked with many visual designers but none that can read the room and capture the essence quite like Ray. And if that’s not enough, he’s just a wonderful person to do business with.

—-Sean Carroll: Managing Director, Organisational Psychologist, Culturesmith.

He can draw pretty much everything anybody says.

Ricie Eckermann (11): Chief Daughter Officer

I say he’s good at drawing.

Tiny Eckermann (9): Chief Son Officer
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