Graphic Recording Bio
Phil is a career illustrator but has been graphic recording for just over 2 years, since he joined the KPMG Articulators. He was thrown in at the deep end by colleague Steve Keast, and quickly learned to keep his head above water by drawing his now trademark expressive stick figures. He is equally at home behind an iPad or in front of a white board, and in the eternal debate between chisel tip and bullet tip markers, he is Team Bullet for life.
Client Testimonials
Phil did an incredible job that absolutely blew the team away…so many people have commented on the wall. This will definitely be mounted on a wall in Mascot and be a source of much discussion. Thank you for doing such a great job. - Sarah Avis, Coates Hire

The way you scribe definitely leaves an impact, and has inspired me to practice in my non-existent spare time :) ... Thanks for the drawing tips, and please know I am going to somehow work your team into every engagement we run (where possible :) ) - Jenn Le, KPMG Tech Risk and Cyber

Absolutely fantastic having you join us. Your illustration was so on point and created a fantastic first impression at our kick off. How great that the Head of Strategy asked if they could keep you with the team for all 4 weeks! - Vanessa Wolfe-Coote, Partner, KPMG
Years of Experience
2 - 4 Years
Services Provided

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