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As one of Australia’s leading Graphic Recorders, Melbourne-based Jessamy Gee has developed a unique skill set in listening, synthesising, capturing and communicating information visually. She is the Founder and Director of Think in Colour, Founder and President of Graphic Recorders Australia, author of 'GR's Best Mate' and co-author of 'The World of Visual Practice'. In 2018, Jessamy was the keynote speaker at the inaugral VizConf Conference in Melbourne. In 2020, she became the first Australian Director to serve on the Board of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP). 
In 2021, Jessamy took over the host role for the Melbourne chapter of CreativeMornings.

Since launching Think in Colour in 2011, Jessamy has become internationally renowned for her work, and has serviced a diverse range of clients all around Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe across the corporate, community, education and government sectors.

Jessamy has captured talks by some of Australia’s leading minds including former President of the Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs, former Greens leader Bob Brown, advertising personality Todd Sampson, actor Madga Szubanski, academic and presenter Waleed Aly, Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel and former Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon, as well as revered
international thinkers such as futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, and originator of lateral thinking, Edward de Bono.

In 2019, Jessamy was invited to Strasbourg by the Council of Europe to graphically record their annual Octopus Conference on Cybercrime - an international event hosting close to 500 delegates from around the world, translated in three languages - showcasing Graphic Recording on the world stage.
Client Testimonials
“Jessamy does with colorful markers what Yo-Yo Ma does with a cello and Julia Childs did with butter.

Jessamy listened to the words and felt the tone. Then she imagined each service point in color, and drew. In the same time it took to speak (90 minutes), Jessamy produced three beautiful infographics capturing each Key Learning Point in my presentation. How she managed to get every point so clearly still amazes me today.” Ron Kaufman, NY Times Best Selling Author and Speaker

“Jessamy Gee added a huge amount of value to our 2-day policy event: participants loved the capture of ideas in visual format, and seeing it evolve; speakers also commented on the succinct way their words were presented. The content was very dense, complex, and varied, and everyone was awed by the skill and stamina of producing 8 of those over two days. People asked if Jessamy has a background in social policy! The products will provide a permanent and accessible record on our websites as well. Good Shepherd is very pleased we brought Jessamy on board: it was definitely worth the investment and we will do it again. Thank-you!” – Kathy Landvogt, Good Shepherd Australia & NZ

“We recently engaged Jessamy to perform graphic recording duties at a two day strategy workshop and were delighted with the results.

It’s often difficult to record the outputs of sessions in a manner that captures the content and spirit of the conversation. Jessamy did this expertly and her work enlivened the event, as participants were able to use the live graphic recordings to more meaningfully (and speedily), reflect on and revise their thinking.

The artefacts produced by Jessamy subsequent to the event have given us the hard data we need for planning purposes, whilst also providing strategy visuals that can be shared with those not at the event.

Having always been keen to try this method, the experience had solidified our thinking that this is actually a really smart, engaging and cost effective way to produce workshop outputs. The value of what we can produce for clients is greatly enhanced through this partnership.

I’d also like to say that Jessamy is extremely capable and a pleasure to work with.” Kieran Murrihy – Co-Founder, Foresight Lane

“Jessamy is an amazing artist and creates fantastic “live” graphic impressions that are both visually appealing and great communications tools. She came into our TEDxMelbourne event and got the job done without fuss and real professionalism. We use Jessamy Gee at TEDxMelbourne because she is the best in the business. Proud to be associated with her and her amazing work.” Jon Yeo, Curator TEDxMelbourne

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