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I am a visual communicator and artist specialising in illustration, graphic recording, animation and creating strong stories. I have worked with a diverse range of clients all around the world, helping them to use visual communication to engage with internal and external audiences. Years of creative exploration, running interactive workshops and being a graphic practitioner in a variety of industries has enabled me to see the results of strong stories in visuals and help to bring teams onto the same page. Whether it’s an internal infographic or a detailed comic universe to create, I’m always ready to take on a creative challenge when it arises and find a unique solution.
Client Testimonials
“I commissioned Jimmy to create a drawing showing the Cambium Smart City solution in early 2017. He was great to work with right from the start, took the pitch and created a great illustration that continues to receive compliments from all that see it. His illustration, has been very valuable in our marketing efforts. I recommend Jimmy’s skilful work and would have no hesitation from working with him in the future.”

"We got in touch with Jimmy to help us to create a design to go hand in hand with our tour and communicate our show's style. We enjoyed the creative process to land on the final illustration and felt that Jimmy worked well to provide great creative direction. The final product was definitely well received."

"Jimmy is an exceptional illustrator and communicator. We engaged Jimmy to host a workshop covering digital illustration techniques, of which he has a wealth of knowledge and talent. Not only was I impressed with Jimmy's artistic ability but also his ability to communicate his ideas and artistic processes to our team. Jimmy left us with not just new skills but also more confidence knowing we've been taught by one of the best."
Years of Experience
> 10 Years
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