Graphic Recording Bio
Zahra Zainal is a Melbourne-based graphic recorder and illustrator. Graphic recording is a process of simplifying and amplifying spoken content into beautiful illustrations, in real-time. Zahra is known for her clean, lively and expressive style, and illustrates for both international and local clients. Some of her favourite projects include: a group exhibition held in her backyard, and having her art covering a Melbourne tram.
Client Testimonials
1. Zahra is extremely easy to work with and can easily construct an impactful graphic recording from a short OR lengthy brief, as well as create an awesome graphic recording on the fly during the quite short panel discussion events I have organised.

The storytelling flow is always easy to follow and resonate with, and Zahra captures the main points in her work, which makes it a dynamic output and piece of work. Adding to the impact is the fact that she is usually capturing conversations and topics in a largely university attended setting, so the content is even more useful, as well as being dynamic, refreshing and (as the audience have quickly found out) necessary.

I would happily recommend Zahra for other work - judging by her body of work now, she has a great niche audience in that conversation/ presentation based event setting focussing on key topics of industry/community and big ideas. Garry Williams, University of Melbourne

2. The digital scribing was so well received by our attendees on the day and working with you has been a pleasure - seamless and uncomplicated.  Thank you for your expertise and professionalism and your amazing output, you really did a fantastic job.  Our attendees also commented that you were very culturally respectful and we do really appreciate that. Gabbie Zizzo, Aboriginal Health Council of SA Ltd

3. Looking for a graphic recorder? STOP and look no further! We've sampled the best that Australia has to offer and Zahra is the very very best. 

Zahra is thoughtful in her approach to graphic recording, always wanting you to get the very most value out of what she does. Her work is creative, memorable, clever and she has a knack for recording the very most important nuggets and telling a compelling story with few words. A true professional and always our first choice. Rebecca Lloyd, Rowboat Consulting

Years of Experience
5 - 7 Years
Services Provided

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