Standard day rates for seasoned professional Graphic Recorders in Australia range from around $2,000 – $3,500 (+GST).

Some Graphic Recorders choose to offer a short day or half day rate, but not all.

Depending on how each individual works, practitioners may choose to split their rate into a day rate and post-production rate. They may also offer additional outputs or offerings as part of their services.

Some Graphic Recorders will charge an additional rate for interstate work. 

If travel time hinders your ability to take on other work (ie you lose an additional day), it is common to charge a travel day which may be ¼ – ½ of your day rate.

Similarly, if a client requests an earlier than average arrival for briefing or rehearsal, or multiple significant meetings and guidance in the lead up to the event, the practitioner may charge an additional fee.

Fees for Virtual Graphic Recording

Virtual Graphic Recording is incredibly valuable as an engagement and communication tool. Like many industries during the COVID-19 Crisis, Graphic Recorders worldwide have pivoted to continue our services in the virtual space.

Graphic Recorders continue to seamlessly deliver our skilled services, with our usual level of excellence. We will go to great lengths to support you to navigate the different online environments. 

In every industry right now, people are working from home and getting paid the same rate they were paid ‘in the office’. If they are offering the same outputs, delivery, skills and products, the same rates apply. Given this, our prices for virtual graphic recording work will remain the same. 

Here we address some of the recent questions we’re hearing: