Graphic Recorders Australia (GRA) is a not-for-profit professional membership association that supports the growth and quality of the Graphic Recording community in Australia. Since its launch in 2019, GRA has grown to a national network of more than 66 visual practitioners, teachers, coaches, and facilitators.

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Access dozens of professional graphic recorders across Australia & NZ.

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What is Graphic Recording?

Learn more about the practice of visual note-taking and how it can help you.

Tips for Successful Collaboration

Maximise the benefits of working with a graphic recorder with these useful tips.

Professional Rates

Set accurate expectations and understand how graphic recorders can best work with you.

Become a Graphic Recorder

Learn where to start if you’re new to graphic recording and would like to grow your career.

Our members use GRA to:

Hone their craft

We run regular professional development sessions focussed on specific topics to help members get better at graphic recording and running their business.

Attract new clients

Our professional member directory showcases the best of Australia’s graphic recording community, making it easy for potential clients to find you.

Connect and socialise

We host regular meetups in most major cities, as well as virtual social events to help members feel connected to the GRA community.

Get exclusive industry discounts

GRA membership comes with its perks. Save big on conferences, online training courses, books, markers, refills, and more.

Get feedback on their work

Our monthly member-only “Cheer & Challenge” sessions are a safe space for you to get constructive feedback on where you can improve as a graphic recorder.

Access best practice resources

Our body of articles, research, videos, and how-to guides is all you’ll ever need to thrive as a graphic recorder.

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