Alice loves stories. For the past 10 years Alice has worked with pictures and words, exploring how they can be used together to communicate ideas and create or reveal new meanings. As a graphic recorder, Alice listens deeply to what people talk about, and synthesises these conversations into a visual map.

Of course, every job requires a different approach. That said, Alice’s work is usually colourful, approachable and playful, and best suited to conferences and trainings. She works both digitally (iPad Pro) and on good ol’ fashioned paper. She also enjoys facilitating workshops on Visual Thinking, and using Graphic Recording as a “Thinking Tool”, both at work, and in life.

Originally from South Africa, Alice studied Fine Art (in Johannesburg), and later went back to uni to write a Masters degree in English Literature (in Cape Town). She now lives in Melbourne, where she spends most of her time drinking coffee and drawing.