Lunch & Learn: Scribe Videos

In this week’s Lunch and Learn, we deep-dived into the Scribe Video process, tools, workflow tricks and learnt how to streamline production for video producers. Packed full with seasoned Graphic Recorders, their lessons learnt and time wormholes to avoid, this session had so many juicy hacks to help nail your next animation project.

How to find a mentor

Mentorships come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Formal, informal, ongoing, one-off… There is no one way to do mentorship, but there are a few general tips we can (more…)

Graphic recorders are communication experts

The Trick with Graphic Recording

Graphic storytellers/recorders have valuable interpretive skills and can magic technical jargon into easily synthesised visual language. This communication expertise brings immense value to numerous fields, work places and organisations. Graphic (more…)

Mr Squiggle Let’s Play

It’s a rainy Sunday in Melbourne, so here’s a fun iso activity for you: Turn this squiggle into a picture, post and tag @graphicrecordersaus on Instagram to WIN a copy (more…)