In one of our recent Lunch & Learn sessions, Matthew Magain from Sketch Group joined us with one of his clients, Anika Dell from the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Together they talked about some of the community forum events that they’ve partnered on that have utilised the online collaboration tool MURAL and graphic recording in some really interesting ways. Here’s a snapshot:

  • A MURAL board that uses illustration to bring data to life and encourage engagement
  • A diverse collection of participants from the community, with varying technical skills
  • Multiple breakout rooms, with a graphic recorder in each room
  • High profile events, with ministers and other dignitaries in attendance

It was really great hearing from both sides of the fence on what it takes to pull off an ambitious community forum in a virtual setting—both from the graphic recording team and the client. Because of the extraordinary interest in this event, we made it open to GRA members as well as members of the public, and a recording of the session is available above.


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