If you’re reading this, then the new Graphic Recorders Australia website is live, and that’s a pretty exciting milestone for our fledgling organisation—both in terms of benefits for you as a member as well as improving administration and operations for your hard-working volunteer committee.

Yep, this is more than just putting a lick of paint on the old girl—it’s a huge step forward.

Here’s a snapshot of what our new online presence brings us:

Improved Member Directory (complete with map)

Potential clients who visit the GRA website will now be able to filter professional members by the services they offer as well as by location. This includes being able to browse members on a map! So if someone is looking for an in-person graphic recorder based in Brisbane, they can set their search criteria to “graphic recording (analogue) and “Queensland” to see who appears.

Improved Member Resources area

This is the business, I tell you. In the new Member Resources area, all members now have access to our extensive collection of Best Practice guides, tools, articles, recommended reading, the full archive of Lunch & Learn videos, and other resources. Plus, this cornucopia of knowledge has been organised for you in a way that is infinitely more useful than it was. I’m convinced that the value for members in this archive of learning materials is one of the biggest draw-cards for becoming a member, and we hope you’ll agree.

Improved Account Management

The new website brings the process of managing your membership into the modern age, with the functionality that you would expect from a professional membership organisation, including being able to update your payment details, upgrade your membership from Associate to Professional, renew your membership if it has lapsed, download invoices, and more.

Improved Event Management

To date, events have largely been managed through Facebook, and this has served us well—but we didn’t want to be locked into Facebook. The new website includes a sophisticated event management feature, so we can schedule events, handle RSVPs, and run both in-person and virtual events from the website—while still promoting them on social media. This also gives us the added benefit of connecting events with recordings of sessions, making it easier for members who may have missed a Lunch & Learn session, for example, to find the video recording of that session.

Responsive Design

The new website has been designed to be usable on almost any device. So whether you’re visiting the GRA website on a humungous monitor from your home office, or browsing on your phone while braving public transport, the site should still look great, and allow you to do whatever it is you need to do—and that’s true for potential clients who might be looking for a graphic recorder too!

The GRA News feed

With a new website comes a new channel for making announcements, celebrating member successes, and sharing with you the latest from the industry. The News tab on the GRA website is your go-to for everything relating to Graphic Recording in Australia.


There’s more, but that’ll do for now.

We have to give a special shout out to the amazing Luke Chambers, whose experience, expertise, attention to detail, and propensity for going above and beyond is the reason we now have a world-class web presence.

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into creating the next version of our website, and well, we’re really quite proud of it. We hope you find our new home online to be useful, inspiring, educational, and that it helps you in your journey of graphic recording, however you incorporate it into your world.

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